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​A Look at The Father's Cry Across the World

​Pastor Sammy Kimani

​United Arab Emirates (UAE) Fathering Initiative

What Women Want


Fathering is inseparable from mothers. Kim Clark gives an open, honest, inspiring, and challenging view into the subject of what women want from their childrens’ father. If you would like to purchase a copy of this CD simply click here and arrangements will be made to get you a copy of this insightful message.

Pakistan Fathering Initiative

International Staff

Dave teaching in Pakistan

South Africa Fathering Initiative with Master Trainer Kudzai Shoko

Kim in Pakistan

Pakistan's March 2017 Fathering Conference

All Kinds of Fathers

"He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers"Malachi 4:6

Pastor Sammy Kamau Gichigi

The Father's Cry: Congo, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, & South Africa 

Bishop Connex Kudumah

Our Mission is simple:We have one focus...
"to save one father at a time."


The Clarks speak at conferences across the United States and international forums teaching men how to be effective fathers.

In April 2007 and August 2008, the Clark's established the first known fatherhood initiative throughout south central Africa in such countries as Kenya, Rwanda, Sudan, Tanzania, Burundi, Zimbabwe, Congo, Malawi and South Africa. Their ministry has impacted Israel through Mandate Africa Film. In 2014 - 2016, thhe ministry is now established in Pakistan and United Arab Emirates.

Faces of Fatherhood

A Father’s Prayer

I know there are many times we as men fall and stumble in being a good dad or a good husband. Our hearts desire it but our heads lead us down different paths...

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A taste of Sunday Service in Pakistan

Our curriculum is based on The Seven Secrets of Effective Fathers written by Ken R. Canfield, PhD. Click here to listen to the audio book

Champions of Fathering

Nadeem Saleemis the Master trainer of Father's Cry in the country of Pakistan.

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Support Us
One of the most difficult things we have faced since our beginnings in 2001 has been financial support...
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​​Pastor Charles Cidorho and Pastor John bringing fatherhood programs to the Congo, Uganda, and Kenya under the leadership of Pastor Sammy Kamau Gichigi and Pastor Kimani of Naivasha, Kenya


Frequently asked Questions and Answers about Father's Cry

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Kudzai Shokois a pastor and founder of Integrity for Legacy Ministries International Trust and Director. Learn more

Pastor Emmanuel Tahir of Lahore, Pakistan

We have one save one father at a time