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A Father’s Prayer

I know there are many times  we as men fall and stumble in being a good dad or a good husband. Our hearts desire it but our heads lead us down different paths that can  read more

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Friend of Kids,
One of the most difficult things we have faced in our ministry since the early years of 2001 has been in requesting money.
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Friends of Kids,

One of the most difficult things we have faced in our ministry since the early years of 2001 has been in requesting money. Over the countless conferences, buying texts, traveling to Africa, Belarus, Mexico, Pakistan, UAE and across the United States, we have done so with our own funds. As a critic of ministries who “ask for money for Jesus to do His Kingdom work”, we have remained skeptical of the use of donated funds. Where did they go? What is the overhead? Is there accountability and who says?! The Christian world of ministry has been scarred by organizations who have misused donations.

As we have grown our programs, and with the cost of purchasing and shipping texts, reproducing classroom material, and the cost of travel and lodging, we cannot continue to drain our private resources. We have been obedient to “place our money down first” to support the teaching and ongoing transformation of men into Effective Fathers for over 18 years. We never ask for funds for our travel, lodging and food. It is strictly for material.

Your support is critical to help us create a culture of Effective Fathers, not only in America, but in countries with a crisis of men not knowing how to be a good dad. We have seen men want to know how to love, coach, and model effective fatherhood while encouraging the fatherless and enlisting men to be effective fathers.  We know the Number One social crisis in the world is fatherlessness - kids without fathers.

Please make a gift today. Your gift will help us inspire and equip men to be the father and father mentors that children need and desire. This entire solution for a healthy family and community begins with men who become transformed into Effective Fathers by : Promoting Effective Fathering to audiences across the United States, Africa, Middle East and other countries where we are setting up fatherhood programs enlisting men to make their own Fatherhood commitment.

Please help us in assisting fathering training with resources and support.

Our mission is "To save one father at a time”

Your support is needed today! Please make your gift today with our Pay Pal payment link.

Thank you!

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